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Dantata & Sawoe

Dantata and Sawoe is the premier name in the construction industry today, it is a brand synonymous with Quality , reliability and Timely delivery. This reputation has been earned through over 40 years of experience building, roads ,irrigation , buildings, Airports, Power Plants and other forms of infrastructure all around Nigeria. We have od wealth of technical and physical capacity and an experienced team of highly trained expatriates capable of delivering world class projects..

Our Vision

Dantata & Sawoe specializes at accomplishing complex projects that require the highest level of technical proficiency.

  • Become a trusted construction company to our esteemed clients and in the Nigerian business sector.
  • To positively affect the construction industry through our innovative and quality services deliverance.

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  Our Objectives

  • Our work quality and performance should comply with the required measures and criteria.
  • Protect safety and health of our employees as well as third parties.
  • Protect work and surrounding environment, prevent pollution and save resources.
  • Achieving suitable profit to ensure sustainability.
  • Full customer satisfaction as per specification.

  Our Mission

  • We are committed to provide high standard services and products that are fit for the purpose.
  • We aim at satisfying our customers by providing best value for money.
  • We are committed to quality and preserving the environment.
  • We believe that our development is strongly related to the development of our human resources through training.
  • We promote an environment of competitiveness amongst our employees to promote their sense of leadership and team working.

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