About Us
Dantata & Sawoe, a premier name in the construction industry.

Dantata and Sawoe is the premier name in the construction industry today, it is a brand synonymous with Quality , reliability and Timely delivery. This reputation has been earned through over 40 years of experience building, roads ,irrigation , buildings, Airports, Power Plants and other forms of infrastructure all around Nigeria. We have od wealth of technical and physical capacity and an experienced team of highly trained expatriates capable of delivering world class projects.

What drives us

Dantata & Sawoe specializes at accomplishing complex projects that require the highest level of technical proficiency.

Our Mission

We been known in the market as a reliable partner for the Government as well as for Private Investors and Developers.

Our mission here at Dantata & Sawoe is to utilize first class technologies in the design and execution of civil and infrastructural projects.

Our Vision

Become a trusted construction company to our esteemed clients and in the Nigerian business sector.

To positively affect the construction industry through our innovative and quality services deliverance.

Our Value

Our core value here at Dantata & Sawoe is our quality service delivery through our highly skilled and professional staff.

We uphold our reputation for integrity in the marketplace and provide an ethical work environment for all our employees.

Quality construction services to our various clients in Nigeria.

Service Delivery
Service Satisfaction

We’re always looking for talent

We may be looking for you! Let us work together on your personal progress and on the future of our company.

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